Tina and I wanted to create a very memorable wedding, but not just for us.  We wanted the extra time and effort invested in making nearly everything by hand to be a symbol of love, respect and appreciation for the quality in character in each and every one of our friends and family.

From the arch under which we read our custom vows, to the photo backdrop covered in hand made paper flowers, to the cake stand, the signature cocktail…  even our first dance was a custom cover of Cold Play’s song Yellow performed by Daniel Park, an amazing local artist.

After the wedding, we were flooded with messages from the guests who attended about how unforgettably beautiful the wedding was and how profoundly and positively it affected them.  It did not take long for Tina and I to decide, “Let’s help others create those magical moments!”

“Because you are worth it” is the fuel that drives our passion to love and support each other at levels we never imagined; and through Byawi, we spread our love to those within and beyond our reach.

~ Tina and Adam Netzer

Behind the Name

Love Cards

Create a lasting memory with a handmade Byawi greeting card. Many of the popup designs can be removed from the card and kept as an ornament or keepsake. We’ll get your special someone’s attention, your words will do the rest.

The Byawi mission is to recognize and enhance the value in you and the extraordinary people within your reach through richer thoughts, communication and action.  We are excited to introduce our new blog: The Gift of Knowledge Series.  In it, we will focus on ways to establish a deeper and more meaningful connection with ourselves and those we hold dear to our hearts.

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