Cheap Wedding Ideas

The Byawi Team loves helping you create lasting memories.  Our simple, do-it-yourself (DYI) cheap wedding ideas not only will make your wedding more memorable and meaningful, it will add beauty and elegance to your special day, amaze your guests, and look luxurious without the luxury price tag.

Heart-shaped Thumbprint Candy Box Wedding Favors

Make your wedding favors more than just an afterthought.  Amaze your guests with you and your partner’s very own unique thumbprints as a symbol of making your mark as you bring two families together as one.  They also symbolize that your love (the heart that the thumbprints form) is forged in part by the complementary facets of your individuality that each of you bring to the relationship.

Required Materials:

  • White favor boxes (square or rectangular, usually sells in packs of 100 for around $20)
  • Candies or treats of your preference
    • Hard or hard-shelled candies work better in warmer temperatures.
    • If necessary, to further reduce the cost of your bulk candy purchase, you can add shredded colored paper or other filler materials either DIY or from a craft store
  • Spools of decorative ribbon [Total Length = number of guests x length to completely wrap around the box plus 1/2 inch or so for overlap + extra few feet for slack]
  • Blank piece of white paper (for making multiple thumbprint attempts)
  • Black stamp ink pad
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Package of low-profile, double-sided adhesive circles or glue dots or even a glue gun and glue
  • Your thumb
  • Your partner’s thumb (if the sizes between the two thumbs are too dramatic, you can use a smaller finger to balance the sizes)
  • A scanner *
  • Decent quality laser or inkjet printer (laser will make the print more durable) *
  • Basic photo editing software, anything that can:
    • clean up edges if necessary to make it more heart-shaped
    • resize the image to fit the proportion/shape of the box
    • crop the image
    • rotate the image
    • add text below the image
  • Thicker stock paper to print the tags (although the photograph makes it looks whiter, we used a silver glossy paper that made the thumb prints look like they were still wet)

* Most office supply stores can provide scanning and printing services if you do not have the hardware and their prices are reasonable.


  1. Place your and your partner’s thumbs in the ink pad ink like you are being arrested and fingerprinted after stealing each other’s heart.
  2. With the blank piece of white paper, take turns making a thumb print and then having your partner place his/her thumb over it at an angle to form a heart shape.  It may take a few attempts before you get it right.  Re-ink your thumbs if necessary but make sure not to over-ink them.  The more contours of your unique thumb prints that come through in the image, the better it will look.  Do not worry about getting it absolutely perfect, you can touch up/clean up the edges of the prints to refine the final shape.
  3. Draw a circle around the winning thumb print so you can easily identify it among the others on the page when scanning
  4. Wait until all the ink on the page is fully dried before scanning it so you don’t mess up your scanner (20-30 min to be totally safe)
  5. After scanning the image, open it in your preferred photo editing software program (I use Photoshop).
  6. Determine what side of the box you want the thumb print label to be attached to and, using the ruler, determine the length and width of the label that you will be printing (ideally the label should be large enough so that the thumb prints look life-size, our labels were roughly 2 inches wide by 1 1/2 inches tall).
  7. Make the photo adjustments as follows:
    • If necessary, rotate the image the specific degrees or tenths of a degree in order to make the thumb print image vertically symmetrical.
    • Use the selection tool to create a rectangle or square around the winning thumb print (with the thumb print in the middle and closer to the top so you have room to add text below, then crop the image to remove all content outside the selected area.
    • Clean up the edges of the thumb print, the circle you drew to identify the winning thumb print and any other blemishes or ink in the white space around the print using an eraser tool.
    • Create text box under the image and add the text you would like to include (we used our names and on the line below our wedding date).
    • Adjust the font size and type as desired and center align.
    • Create a black lined border around the 4 edges (this helps you to have a guide to cut along with scissors (you can decide to keep the border like we did or cut inside the line and have no border).
    • Resize the image to fit the dimensions you previously measured for the label.
  8. Save the image.
  9. Create a new blank 8 1/2 x 11 sheet in the photo program.
  10. Go back to the label image, select the whole image and copy it to your clipboard (ctrl-c on a PC).
  11. Go back to the blank 8 1/2 x 11 sheet and paste the image onto the page.
  12. Move it to the corner and past another copy and place the second copy next to the first with a little space in between.
  13. Keep pasting new labels onto the page with the idea of trying to comfortably fit as many on the page as possible so you can print them out in bulk.
  14. Thumb print tagsLoad your printer with the paper stock you want to make the labels out of and print as many as you need to make all the wedding favors.
  15. Carefully cut out the labels either on the outside or inside of the boarder depending on personal preference.
  16. Fold and assemble all the favor boxes.
  17. Fill them with your candy treats
  18. Cut the ribbon from the spool at a length necessary to completely wrap around the box with just a little extra so they overlap a bit, wrap it around the box so that the ends meet on the same side you want to place the thumb print label.
  19. Glue the ribbon together and then label on top to create a clean finished result.

It is OK if the ribbon and label get glued to the box forcing your guest to have to rip off the ribbon/label instead of sliding it off the box in order to open the box.  Either way, the decorative thumb print heart wedding favor will be beautiful and easy to open and your guests will be amazed!


Love Cards

Create a lasting memory with a handmade Byawi greeting card. Many of the popup designs can be removed from the card and kept as an ornament or keepsake. We’ll get your special someone’s attention, your words will do the rest.

The Byawi mission is to recognize and enhance the value in you and the extraordinary people within your reach through richer thoughts, communication and action.  We are excited to introduce our new blog: The Gift of Knowledge Series.  In it, we will focus on ways to establish a deeper and more meaningful connection with ourselves and those we hold dear to our hearts.

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