Most greeting cards are like cut flowers.  They give the recipient a positive feeling of love or appreciation or recognition… for a little while.  After a few days or at least a relatively short amount of time, the card typically suffers the same fate as those flowers:  they get tossed in the trash.  Or at best, they get tucked away in a desk drawer or shoe box in a closet rarely to be seen again.

Some greeting cards, however, leave a lasting impression so effectively, they become gifts that keep on giving.  Like a potted orchid plant, it can bloom again and again and again, reigniting those positive feelings and memories.  And even better, greeting cards do not need maintenance.

So what are the characteristics of a card that can stand the test of time?  The team at BYAWI (Because You Are Worth It) is here to break it down:

The “WOW” Factor

We live in a fast-paced world filled with distractions that make it harder than ever to truly grab someone’s attention.  A special message is awaiting the recipient of a greeting card and the first objective is to create a sensation of surprise that will cause them to both focus intently on that folded work of art in their hands while also tuning out the noise around them.  This opens their mind and heart and amplifies the emotional effect you are trying to create for that special someone.

While cute or pretty or humorous, most greeting cards fall flat in creating that truly “wow” moment, so when looking for a greeting card, consider one that surprises you and captures your attention.

The Message

We are not all gifted with an expansive vocabulary or are born with a creative, poetic mind.  But no matter how bad we may think we are at putting words on paper and expressing our feelings, a handwritten message will always mean more to the recipient than the use of someone else’s words.  There are two key reasons why.  First, the receiver will recognize that you took the time and cared enough to invest in them.  It sends a clear message that they are important to you, that there is a higher level of value in your relationship and a deeper sense of belonging.  And according to Maslow’s Needs Theory, a sense of belonging is not just a ‘want’ but a ‘need.’

Second, greeting cards and their stock messages are printed in the thousands and distributed to retailers all over the country.  Other people are sharing that same message or poem and that naturally takes a little bit away from the uniqueness of the moment.

Look for a blank greeting card where you can make it your very own in a way that truly makes an impact.  For advice on how to use your words to create a special moment, check out our blog article on the Power of Words.

Make Your Greeting Card a “Keeper”

A greeting card does not have to be simply a vehicle to deliver a message.  The card itself can be a gift in its own right.  A handmade greeting card builds further on your personal message to the recipient that they are worth the time and attention.

All We Need Quilling Card

Second, a design can be so visually stunning or unique that the recipient will be unwilling to let it out of their sight.  Handmade quilling cards are works of art both due to the skill, time and attention to detail required to make them, and also because of their vibrant and stunning designs.  Many who receive one of our quilling cards put them into picture frames and use them to brighten a room, as well as a conversation piece as people often ask how they are made and where they can get one.

Many of our elegant and intricate 3D pop-up designs can be removed from the card and kept as an ornament or keepsake.

In Summary

  • Choose a card that is visually captivating, grabs their attention and opens their mind and heart
  • Opt for a blank card and make the message uniquely yours, show that special someone they are worth it
  • An handmade card is a symbol that he/she is worth the care, time and attention
  • Choose a card that is a gift in itself worth keeping so it can forever reignite those positive feelings and memories

Qualities of a Truly Exceptional Greeting Card

Not all greeting cards are created equal. Wow that special someone with a card that truly comes from the heart and delivers a lasting impression.

Love Cards

Create a lasting memory with a handmade Byawi greeting card. Many of the popup designs can be removed from the card and kept as an ornament or keepsake. We’ll get your special someone’s attention, your words will do the rest.

The Byawi mission is to recognize and enhance the value in you and the extraordinary people within your reach through richer thoughts, communication and action.  We are excited to introduce our new blog: The Gift of Knowledge Series.  In it, we will focus on ways to establish a deeper and more meaningful connection with ourselves and those we hold dear to our hearts.

The BYAWI collection of exquisite, handmade popup and quilling art greetings cards are especially designed to leave a lasting impression. They are also blank on the inside so you can give it that personal touch your special someone deserves… because they are worth it.

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