The Byawi Team loves helping you create lasting memories.  Our do-it-yourself (DYI) projects provide an unforgettable experience not just for the recipient, but for the giver as well.  While most of our projects are beginner-level, this one is more intermediate.  But the more you put into something, the more you get out of it and this is no exception.  This custom vanity will truly WOW that special someone and make them feel appreciated and loved in a profound way.

Professional Quality Hollywood Style Desktop Vanity Mirror

This large desktop vanity mirror comes complete with USB ports for charging a cell phone or plugging in USB-powered devices as well as power outlets for a curling iron or other electrical beauty accessories.  Globe bulbs are 5000 Kelvin which best reproduces natural daylight for optimal makeup application; and because they are LED, they are energy efficient and do not generate excess heat.  The bulbs are activated by a combination on/off switch and dimmer.  With solid wood and thick quarter-inch mirrored glass, this vanity will last generations.

Click the Download button below for the schematic I made for this project.  Each square cell in the spreadsheet represents 1/4 inch.  If you need to make the vanity smaller, than the one I built, keep in mind that it’s best to maintain proper scale both vertically and horizontally so that the bulbs will be spaced out evenly.  It will look awkward if the bulbs on the sides of the mirror are different in distance to each other than the distance between the bulbs going across the top of the mirror.

To the right of the schematic are two columns of numbers.  The ‘BUY’ column are the lengths to purchase at the hardware store.  And the ‘CUT’ column is what you need to cut the boards to if you are going to build the same size mirror.  Lengths and widths will vary by store, however, so you may need to improvise.  Sometimes if the quality (warped or knotted) of the boards at a certain length is not good, the store manager should be willing to cut from a longer length without charging extra so don’t be afraid to ask.  I had to do just that to get the quality pieces I needed.

DIY Professional Quality Hollywood Style Desktop Vanity Mirror

A romantic gesture does not have to be expensive or time-consuming to be effective. Overcoming the hurdles that stifle our creativity is how we can express our affection in profound, meaningful and lasting ways.

Love Cards

Create a lasting memory with a handmade Byawi greeting card. Many of the popup designs can be removed from the card and kept as an ornament or keepsake. We’ll get your special someone’s attention, your words will do the rest.

The Byawi mission is to recognize and enhance the value in you and the extraordinary people within your reach through richer thoughts, communication and action.  We are excited to introduce our new blog: The Gift of Knowledge Series.  In it, we will focus on ways to establish a deeper and more meaningful connection with ourselves and those we hold dear to our hearts.

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